A fashion designer by trade, but a performer at heart...Ayesha has been performing since childhood, but waited many years to truly embrace the idea of making a career out of sharing her love for music. Music was all around her growing up, but. as a child, it was Whitney Houston's debut album that made her dream of performing on stage one day. 

Along with Whitney Houston, other musical influences include Ella Fitzgerald. Sarah Vaughan, Lena Horne, and, more recently, Jill Scott. 

Ayesha's voice has been described as "angelic", infusing her musical influences of jazz, soul, gospel, and even classical.

Ayesha's goal with Ayesha Sings is to emotionally connect & spiritually inspire her clients and their guests through the world of entertainment (music).

"I look forward to the opportunity to Connect with, Inspire, and Entertain you one day." ~Ayesha Thomas

Connect | Inspire | Entertain