An Intimate Introduction is an EP that introduces Ayesha's original music.

Laced with real life emotions, her goal is to connect with her listeners & inspire them to live their best lives, all while providing the soudtrack for new memories. 

As a bonus, two gospel tracks have also been added to further introduce the artist as well as a live recording of His Eye Is On The Sparrow. 

Hope you enjoy!

An Intimate Introduction (Lyrics by Ayesha Thomas unless otherwise noted)

  1. I'm Ready (Intro)
  2. Uncertain
  3. Same For Me
  4. Magic
  5. Heaven
  6. Superwoman (Happy Birthday, Mom)
  7. For Every Mountain (K. Carr)
  8. In The Midst Of The All (K. Bond)
  9. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (G. Bartlett, C. Gabriel, C.D. Martin)

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